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Preferred Airline


Tel: 012 311 1952


Gys Booysen

Qatar Airways is confirmed as the preferred airline for delegates attending SATNAC 2017

Qatar Airways is committed to provide delegates attending SATNAC 2017 a discount offering ranging from 5 to 25 %  subject to the relevant class availability.

The Validity Dates for the Fare Discounts shall be between the date that is ten (10) calendar days prior to the Event and the date that is ten (10) calendar days after the date of the Event

Fare Discounts may only be used by a Registered Delegate  and one additional individual traveller, who is travelling on the same itinerary as the Delegate.

To take advantage of this offer insert the  Promo Code: SATNAC17 on the Qatar website:

Note: To see your discounted rate be sure to include the promo code in your search requirements. When this code is entered the search result will show the discounted fare.

More information is available on the following website: