SATNAC 2010 Conference Papers

Work in Progress

Title:                Electrical Energy Consumption Awareness Campaign: Automated Electricity Energy Consumption Monitoring Project at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg


Authors:            Mehroze Abdullah (University of Witwatersrand), Willie Cronje (University of Witwatersrand), Stephen Levitt (University of Witwatersrand), Barry Dwolatzky (University of Witwatersrand)



Title:                EPC Protocol and Application Security Evaluation


Authors:            Denver Abrey (University of Cape Town), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)



Title:                Solar Driven Hydrogen Generation for a Telecommunications Fuel Cell Power Plant


Authors:            Akinlawon Amoo (Vaal University of Technology), Johan Bekker (Vaal University of Technology), Christo Pienaar (Vaal University of Technology)



Title:                Can Information Visualization Techniques be used to Support Web Service Discovery?


Authors:            Simone Beets (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), Janet Wesson (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)



Title:                A Localized osCommerce Telephony Adaptor/interface for MRA Entrepreneurs


Author:             Edwin Bonono (University of Fort Hare), Mamello Thinyane (University of Fort Hare)



Title:                Efficient Multicasting for Conferences Using MANETs


Author:             Leonard Chalemba (University of Cape Town)



Title:                Driver Fatigue Detection Based on Eye Tracking


Author:             Reinier Coetzer (University of Pretoria)



Title:                Admission Control and Packet Scheduling for IEEE 802.16 Standards


Authors:            Samuel Falowo (University of Cape Town), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)



Title:                Mobile Cloud Computing: Embracing Network as a Service


Authors:            Michael Feliu Gutierrez (University of Cape Town), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)



Title:                Control Protocol Translation for Device Interoperability in the Context of Ethernet AVB


Authors:            Osedum Igumbor (Rhodes University), Richard Foss (Rhodes University)



Title:                A Feasibility Study of a High-resolution Digital Image Distributed Surveillance System over a Zigbee Network


Authors:            Christo Kleu (University of Pretoria), Gerhard Hancke (University of Pretoria)



Title:                Image Colourisation for Compression using GPU Hardware


Authors:            Vaughan Lee (University of Johannesburg), Yuko Roodt (University of Johannesburg), Willem Clarke (University of Johannesburg)



Title:                Fast Implementation of the Integer Transform in H.264 /AVC Video Encoders


Authors:            Charles Lubobya (University of Cape Town), Mqhele Dlodlo (University of Cape Town), Gerhard de Jager (University of Cape Town), Keith Ferguson (Council for Industrial and Scientific Research)



Title:                Creating an Extensible Grid Management Interface


Authors:            Leslie Luyt (Rhodes University), Karen Bradshaw (Rhodes University)



Title:                Optimisation of Variable Bit Rate Traffic Delivery in LTE Networks


Authors:            Joel Makara (University of Cape Town), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)



Title:                Resource partitioning in OFDMA Femto-cells


Authors:            Derrick Marumo (University of Cape Town), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)



Title:                Channel Estimation in Constant Envelope Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing


Author:             Alexander Merensky (University of Pretoria)



Title:                Towards Developing an Authentication Framework for Securing GUISET Infrastructure


Authors:            Noluthando Mhlongo (University of Zululand), Mathew Adigun (University of Zululand), Edgar Jembere (University of Zululand)



Title:                Reengineering Legacy Applications for SOA Middleware Integration


Authors:            Takonewa Moyo (University of Fort Hare), Mamello Thinyane (University of Fort Hare), Paul Kogeda (University of Fort Hare)



Title:                Comparison of Gain Statistics of Different Pumping Configurations in Distributed Fibre Raman Amplification


Authors:            Kennedy Muguro (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), Jesman Changundega (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), Andrew Leitch (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), David Waswa (Moi University, Kenya)



Title:                Radio Resources Management and QoS Provisioning in Cellular Networks


Author:             Thapelo Pholo (Tshwane University of Technology), Karim Djouani (Tshwane University of Technology)



Title:                Ubiquitous Cloud Computing


Authors:            Ghislain Fouodji Tasse (Rhodes University), Karen Bradshaw (Rhodes University)



Title:                Sub-Optimal Resource Allocation in the LTE Uplink under ICI influence and Limited Power


Authors:            Armando Ubisse (University of Cape Town), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)



Title:                The Viability of Implementing Radio Interferometric Positioning System to Obtain Topological Information in MIMO Wireless Mesh Networks


Authors:            David van der Merwe (North West University), Leenta Grobler (North West University), Joubert de Wet (North West University), Melvin Ferreira (North West University)



Title:                Characterization of the Ionosphere over the South Atlantic Anomaly by using a ship based Dual Frequency GPS receiver as aid for HF propagation path prediction


Authors:            SJ van der Merwe (University of Pretoria), Pierre Cilliers (University of Pretoria), Pieter de Villiers (University of Pretoria)



Title:                Comparison of Algorithms for Audio Fingerprinting


Authors:            Heinrich van Nieuwenhuizen (North West University), Willie Venter (North West University), Leenta Grobler (North West University)



Title:                Route Establishment in Wireless Mesh Networks to Accommadate Network Coding


Author:             Corna Wierenga (North West University), Leenta Grobler (North West University)



Title:                Call Capacity for Voice over Internet Protocol on Wireless Mesh Networks


Author:             Docas Zulu (University of the Western Cape), William Tucker (University of the Western Cape)

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