SATNAC 2010 Conference Papers

Network Services

Title:                Model of a System for Accurately Tracking Objects


Authors:            Sarel de Wet (North-West University), Albert Helberg (North-West University)



Title:                A Cultural User Interface for a Rural Community in South Africa


Authors:            Edim Emmanuel (University of Fort Hare), Hippolyte Muyingi (Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia)



Title:                Formalising the NGN Application Layer


Authors:            Doron Horwitz (University of Witwatersrand), Hu Hanrahan (University of Witwatersrand)



Title:                Internet Protocol-based Push to Talk


Authors:            Hlabishi Kobo (University of the Western Cape), William Tucker (University of the Western Cape, Michael Norman (University of the Western Cape)



Title:                Streaming Session Transfer between Registered User Agents

Authors:            Zelalem Shibeshi (Rhodes University), Alfredo Terzoli (Rhodes University), Karen Bradshaw (Rhodes University)

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